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Internet alarm monitoring specialists IP Alarms have recently added a discussion forum to their web site for the DIY alarm community. It aims to make the question and answer process involved in setting up an account much easier and quicker. As there is a lot of repeating of questions and answers, it will serve as a good reference and avoid duplication.

One interesting thing to note is that there is a section for posting Vivint Reviews. There is always a lot of controversy surrounding Vivint and other door knocking alarm companies and this gives consumers an unbiased place to air their opinions, make a complaint or post a review.

Vivint get more press and are under the spotlight a lot more than other alarm companies purely because of their market penetration. They are probably the most active company in the USA and Canada and the law of averages says that a company of their size will receive more complaints than most other smaller companies. This should be taken into consideration when reviewing the information posted by Vivint customers, ex-customers or anyone else that has had experience with Apx or Vivint.

Update: We have had to trash some Vivint Reviews. Simply posting things like “BEWARE THESE GUYS ARE A SCAM VIVINT SUCKS HORRIBLE SERVICE HORRIBLE ALARM SET UP” is no use to anyone. Constructive criticism only please.


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54 Responses to Vivint Reviews

  1. Jenny says:

    I have a system from apx which is the same as vivint. It was very expensive but works fine

  2. Mike says:

    I work for Vivint, if you want to get anything done simply ask for Valerie Strickland(manager) or Josh Houser(VP of service). They are the ones who charge the $49.00 trip fees and create terrible policy. Over half of tech support quit because it is a terrible place to work. Make sure you talk to Valerie and Josh, the do not have a backbone so rather than defend their policy they will give you whatever you want(refund, free upgrades). Good luck

    • bitter says:

      It sounds more like you are bitter and/or immature. If you’re unhappy with a job, move on, and keep the childish insults to yourself.

      • hogdog1 says:


      • ronaldo says:

        I’m not bitter or immature, just honest. I would suggest getting an alarm, then you will inevitably have false alarms while paying a hefty monthly fee. Feel free to call me when this happens and I will be happy to charge you 49.00.

  3. Don says:

    My experience with VIVINT has been awful. My battery (that was supposed to last “several years” went bad in 2 and they charged me $50 to get it replaced…on their equipment so I can do business with them. If you are late on a payment (ok, I’ve been late, who hasn’t) they call you 5-7 times per day. This is the WORST home alarm company that I have ever dealt with. I hope your experience is better.

  4. Ben says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding why there are so many unhappy people with this company. The guy that showed up to my door was very professional and informative. We purchased the system and have loved it. We’ve had it for almost 8 months and have been thrilled. We can turn our lights on/off, turn the temperature up and down, and arm the system all from our phones. We paid $99 bucks to have it installed and that’s it. I’ve recommended this company to many people and will continue to do so.

    • wildbill says:

      8 months…you are still new…wait another or two and the crap they installed will soon make you change your mind. Google 2GIG recall and read what they put into your house…ADT’s Pulse Quick connect system wont do that…

    • How much are your monthly payments? If they are higher than $15.95 including taxes per month then you are paying too much. Here in Canada alarm monitoring is available for as low as indicated and this does not matter if you have a few zones or over 100 zones. The cost per month is the same and is guaranteed in writing never, ever to increase. Also no contracts to sign. Quit when you want or add zones at no increase in monthly fee.

  5. Glenn says:

    When I told the sales representative that I sold first have to check out ViVint with the Better Business Bureau, he couldn’t get out the door fast enough.

    • Glenn says:

      The word ‘sold’ in my earlier post should have been the word ‘would’. Bad keyboard…..


      • Brenton Williamson says:

        Maybe you should look see what 20/20 had to say about their investigation of the BBB. Its very informative. youtube “20/20 BBB” maybe you should reconsider???

  6. John says:

    All I have to say is do a little research first. DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT AT YOUR FRONT DOOR!! Ask around first, $40-$50 bucks a month is alot of monrey after signing up for 3-5 years!!!!!$$$$$$$

  7. CJ Frewerd says:

    We have vivint and we love it.

  8. Kerry Pham says:

    We’ve had Monitronics for 3 years now and would give them 6/10 rating due to slow response time, lack of technology, etc. We just changed to Vivint and so far, we are pretty impressed with it. It is quite a bit more expensive, but it does soooo much more. Hopefully, we will be happy with it. Our main goal is the protection of our children, mainly from the pool in our backyard, and the cameras with online streaming and text/email notification will greatly help with this.

    • wildbill says:

      Both of those so called security companies are one in the same…technicians who spend the whole day to do a 2 hour install…this is because they are boneheads right off the street w/ ZERO experience…probably not even secured w/ the government. You want experienced professional work done w/ a bullet proof security system??? I suggest ADT!

      • Any security company that can install a complete system in 2 hours is not installing a complete system. A complete system will have all exterior doors contacted, several motion sensors, interior and exterior sirens, CO sensors, smoke sensors, Digital keypad and digital control panel, 7ah backup battery and complete 24/7/365 monitoring for $15.95 per month. This is a true professional system install. What you have is likely made offshore and not made in North America.

  9. Cami shelton says:

    No arming status indicator on secondary key pads

    We purchased the system in January 2011, replacing an ADT system that we had for 17 years. So far, the service from Vivint has been courteous and responsive.

    When we purchased the system, we were told that the remote secondary keypads with arming status indicator would be available in April, 2011. Our old ADT system had this capability. I just checked with the company and am now told availability will not be until September 2011 [and with no real promise either].

    Our main Keypad is upstairs in our house. We have a detached garage and come and go through it. With the current system, we can not tell if the system is armed, if we left before the system armed or if our house was broken into while we were gone. The last issue is a real safety issue- this system will not warn you if an intruder is in your house when you return. The company has an app for a smart phone, but the latency between send the arming command and receiving arm verification is so long that it is not really usable.

    Vivint has not been able to deliver what they promised.

    • Service Tech says:

      There are some partial solutions: 1. Depending on the location of the main touchscreen panel (are the existing security wires still there?) then an LED ARMING/DISARMING light can be manually installed on your remote wireless keypad. I understand your disappointment with a keypad in a main exit/entry point that doesn’t tell you if the system is armed or not. 2. As far as the cell phone remote control goes, there can be delays if your cell reception is not good on your phone or on the SIM Card in the panel (this can be improved upon with a better antenna). The use of the cell phone to arm/disarm and receive notifications is solid if you want to make it work. Yes there are “what if situations”, but for me and my test system, I receive notifications in about 8-12 seconds (as quickly as the monitoring station). As far as arming goes it takes about 5 seconds for the log in; 6 seconds for the system to arm; then there is a confirmation to the cell phone, which takes about 10 seconds. 3. There are some interesting notifications you can create. For example, install a wireless sensor inside the liquor cabinet and then you can receive a notification whenever that sensor is tripped (the sensor does not have to be tied into AWAY or STAY arming). Call customer tech support for more info.

  10. Steve says:

    My experience with Vivint is less than one hour old. I don’t know if their products are good or bad. What I do know is the people representing them at my door were rude and less than truthful in their very opening presentation attempting to tell my wife, and then myself, they were: 1.Not here to sell me anything, 2. Had spoken to my neighbors who told them there have been several “incidents” in our neighborhood in terms of criminal activity we should be concerned about. How exactly could two twenty-something transient salespersons think that people could be that stupid. Trying to scare my wife into believing she needs an alarm, which I told them we already had when I came to see who my wife was talking to, and coming after dark to make the call and my having to impolitely invite them off my property when I determined they were overly aggressive and rude leads me to believe I would not want to do business with them. Research on the internet revealed the legal problems they have encounted in several states where they have paid fines for their sales tactics and failure to deliver as promised on their contracts and I would just remind anyone considering any purchase from door-to-door aggresive and rude salespersons that they should be especially careful before signing anything or purchasing anything, especially something as important as home security.

    • Lin says:

      Salesman kicked my dog who was tied/chained in my yard! Nice sales technique.

    • tobz2chat says:

      I have been a Vivint user for about an hour now.
      The 20 somethings were pleasant, chatty & quite good looking. My husband had already told the girl ‘not at this time’ so I went to the door & said the same thing. Yes, she was aggressive & yes we did have a security system in place within the hour. Yes, we are happy about it. We had already been discussing it & this seemed like a good time to do it. I just wanted to check Vivint out for peace of mind & I hope for a gd experience 🙂

      • hogdog1 says:

        CANCELL BEFORE YOUR 3 DAY PERIOD IS UP!!!!!!!! YOU CAN GET BETTER PRICED UNIT, AND THEN THE CUSTOMER UNSERVICE WON’T KEEP YOU 2 HOURS ON THE PHONE ONLY TO TELL YOU SORRY…..SORRY……WE FALLOWED OUR PROCEDURES EVEN IF THEIR WRONG. I’M DONE EVEN IF IT MEAN SOMEBODY SETS IN FRONT OF THE DOOR BEHIND A SHOT GUN! DON’T DO IT YOU’LL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!! I AM !!!!! I’m prepairing my small claims case as we speak….I’t so convaluted it should be a movie!!!! I’m not making jest ,it simply hurts too much to think any more…………ssssshhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt…….punt… can buy out right a system lnik it to your cell phone add another sensor or camera every 3 months a short time……THX HOGDOG1

      • You did not get a complete system. Please look at my other posts. We have similar companies in Canada that have the same tactics. I love talking to them and catching them in a multitude of lies. They are not very knowledgeable in the electronics that make the systems work. They have no idea about the infrared sensors operation and do not offer infrared sensors thats are pet-imune. Sensors here do not see animals up to 80 lbs. but still see humans. Get a professional security consultant before you have a system installed. It will cost about $100.00 and is well worth it.

  11. High Sense of Awareness says:

    Had a visit from this company this past weekend. Very aggressive and pushy! Would not provide me with a business card or telephone number. My husband first told him we weren’t interested and then I had to do the same. The salesman mentioned break-ins in my area and that he wanted to put a sign in front window and that neighbors – he threw out some random names – have already put signs up. He also said the new system wouldn’t cost me anything and what was really alarming is that he asked for my husband by name when he came to the door. We have an alarm system (sign in our front yard) and he made it a point of saying that we should have received information on how our current security provider is “switching over” to Vivint. Absurd! He asked other random questions that were none of his business and I told him so and didn’t answer any of his questions. One question that stood out is “I see you have signs for (company), is it currently activated?” Hmmm, that question alone should make you think. If you’re trying to sell your system, what difference does it make if the current one is activated or not – sounds like they are targeting break in routes to me.

  12. Al shire says:

    Just had a guy cometo the door here with all the scare tactics you could name. Lived here for years and have never heard of anyone being broken into. He said there’s been 42 over some period of time, i forget how long. We are rapidly giving ourselves over to fear of life itself. No thanks to any of these guys and there money draining products.

  13. Huntsville, AL says:

    I am currently in the process of suing Vivint/APX or whatever they want to call themselves. Please check their BBB ratings, It’s a D as of today.

    • hogdog1 says:


  14. John Brock says:

    Same experience in Calgary yesterday. Vivint came to the door in Calgary. My wife had to have me intervene. He was overly aggressive, rude, arrogant, and asking sensitive security questions that were a risk unto themselves. When asked more than once he refused to provide a business card or brochure …the last time asked he simply turned his back and walked away. Looking back he told me to look Vivint up for myself on the net.

    • Aj says:

      I’ve sold for multiple companies door to door and honestly leaving business cards and brochures is pointless. They go out there to make presentations and if the customer believes the benefit to them will out weigh the cost they will buy the product or service. If it doesn’t sound like it will at the door then you probably don’t need a business card or brochure… Let’s face it you would throw it away anyways. Think logically.

      • Dallas says:

        Logically? Is it not “Logical” to ask for a valid form of Identification from someone who shows up at your door? Perhaps for the reason of more info on the product, contact info for more information, or perhaps the least of which to prove somewhat this person is who they say they are, meaning you can do a followup on their name and number with the Company to verify their intent. Logic has nothing to do with it, common sense does. For you to assume everyone throws out the cards or brochures (A large number do i’m sure) is not fair to those who have the due diligence to take it the extra step after the Salesperson leaves your front porch.

  15. Lucy Lewis says:

    Seems like so much depends on the initial contact. The guy who came to the door was very courteous, professional and friendly. Was very sweet to my dogs. Was very thorough explaining what he was selling. No scare tactics at all. In fact, he commented that it was probably a safe neighborhood. The techs who came to install the system were very professional, making sure I understood how to work the devices. I had to do two phone surveys where they asked questions about the professionalism and actions of the employees.The contract was thoroughly explained. I was given not only the company phone number, but the representative wrote his personal number on the folder that contained a lot of information about the service, and said that if anything went wrong or if I needed help to call him. He left a detailed list of the cost of the items, and at no time was I unaware of what the cost was to me or of the terms of the contract. Perhaps the Vivint monitoring service costs more than some others, but from what I have read in comments about this part of the service, it is very reliable and fast to respond, so would be very well worth it.

    • Maria says:

      I also had a positive initial contact experience. However, one battery went bad in a matter of weeks. Vivint sent me another one free of charge.

  16. Darren says:

    I don’t have a review of Vivint, but as someone from inside the security industry I have to say I’m very skeptical of them. Just last year they were telling us how they have 300,00 monitored customers. Now they are going on about their one millionth customer. That’s BS!! They may be big, but not big enought to do 600K+ new customers in one year. Take anything these guys say with a pinch of salt.

  17. Cherry says:

    I just obtained the service a month ago, the sales was nice and friendly….made promises of no additional charges (only the monthly fee $49.99). I get my bank statement to find Vivint has taken $200 from me. I called but all I got was the run around and no real assistance. I asked for a manager, but was not given the chance to speak to one. I am angry and disatisfied. In this economy, on a tight budget, my family can’t afford such a rip off.
    Kudos, to the customer service rep. on the phone who was the recipient of my disapproval.

    Too soon to be disappointed

  18. James smith says:

    Is there a need for alarms in the world we live in? Yes I think there is, I’ve had both apx
    and pinnacle who both have bad bbb ratings and I’ll be the first to tell you that it don’t mean xxxx. I’ve had them for the whole term of both of the contracts and not one problem. The real problem is the dumb people who get buyers remorse after they bought it and tried to cancel after 3 days. I would think that most of your are adults so act like one if you don’t want it then say no and quit blaming the sales man for doing his job. These company are no different then Adt the only thing different is Adt use commercial and pays for there a bbb A rate. Its people like you who give these company a bad name with Internet horror story of your bad choice and how they charged you money to fix something. It’s a bisnuse

    • James smith says:

      Sorry accidentally pressed post but as I was saying it is a business of course they charge money to fix thing. If a computers is broke it cost money to fix car tv ect… If you ask me door to door sales is the last true America job don’t knock it. What you need to do is honer your contract and pay your bills this is the same reason the housing market is the way it is.

  19. julis says:

    I work for vivint they are all liars managment is a total joke and their products suck.

  20. Charlene says:

    Awful Sales people that lied to us and filled in 60 months on our agreement when he told us that it was a 6 month trail. When we werent looking in slipped in the 0. Unbelieveable!! We called Vivint and they tried to argue that we were liable for the full 60 months and said we signed it.

    After some investigation in the neighbourhood we found out they told several neighbours that there were break & enters in the area and pointed out the houses. It turns out none of these homes were broken into. They threatened one of the ladies on the street calling her a “stupid bitch” for not getting a system from Vivint. They told us they had an office in our town….they didnt. The list goes on and on.

    Avoid this Company. They are professional liars.

  21. mish says:

    We signed up with Vivint 6 months ago and thus far we are quite happy with them. I am particularly pleased with the fact that everytime a door or window opens I am actually told “front door” or “masterbedroom window”. It is also nice to the receive the security alerts on my cell phone. I have 4 kids and it is nice to know if one of the little ones are making a dash to the back yard. I am less than thrilled to be reading the plethora of negative posts…it makes me question the “security” of my security system..I guess I will see out the duration of my contract and then see what else is out there. I was going to refer my parents to vivint, but in light of the negative commentary, I will let them find their own provider.

  22. sdct50Etiene says:

    We live in a nice area but our neighbor was shot and killed in his home. The cops still don’t know who did it. We were happy to have these folks come to our home and give us some peace of mind. Also when the kids (young teenagers) are alone its nice to know the alarm is on. Crime can happen anywhere as we have found out. Don’t fool yourself by thinking it can never happen to you. Everyone thinks that! Security cam is also a good idea.

  23. Lynne Nabors says:

    I have had APX (now Vivint) since early 2007. Couldn’t be more happy with them or the system they installed (for $100.00). It’s not the one they are offering now, don’t need all the bells and whistles of that one, but just a basic security system. I’ve accidentally set it off several times, and they have been patient and pleasant. The first year they sent a letter saying they were paying the city permit fee, as a service to their customers, and have done so every year since. The young men who sold me the system and installed it were delightful, well mannered and polite. Everything they said about the contract was exactly what I got. I grilled them pretty closely when I was in the deciding stage, asked a lot of questions as I already had a system in place. And customer service has been excellent, what little I’ve needed….a new battery after 4 years for the upstairs keypad. It takes a AAA, piece of cake. I can’t imagine who all these rude salespeople are, they certainly aren’t the ones who came to my house in 2007. Thank you, VIVINT.

  24. Cautious and No Longer Interested says:

    Sales Representaive came to my door claiming he had just sold the same system to a neighbor down the road. Claimed he was doing ‘demonstration’ homes in my area since they are now “opening up our region in Canada”. I was mildly curious/interested but am suspicious of door to door salesmen. When he found out I had a contract with ADT, he offered to cover half my ADT cancellation penalty cost with a “cash back’ from his pocket. When I was still asking curious questions, he then offered up a mountain of ‘free monitoring equipment. When this did not move me, he decided it would make sense to “wave the activation fees” which he would also pay out of his ‘bonus’. It was at this point that I asked him to leave. (He was eager to point out all the awards the company had won, the AAA rating with BBB, etc.) He was visibly angry that I had asked him to leave and commented; “Good luck getting as good of a deal if you change your mind and decide you want our system later”. I researched this company vigorously after he left – since I liked the features of the system and have not been particularly pleased with ADT. The information that I have unearthed about this company is less than palatable. Remember – if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is!!!

  25. Roger says:

    The comments on here are rediculous… You guys sign a contract, you need to READ the contract! It’s not Vivints fault that the salesman lied to you, it’s YOUR fault for falling for it!

    I had my Vivint system installed last year and was directed here after referring a friend to sign up. My experience with Vivint has been excellent. I said no to the salesman, but everyone is going to say no. If you aren’t pushy you wont sell anything… I’m glad he was a little pushy (obviously it wasn’t over the top), because I absolutely love the system. Everything the rep told me was verified in a survey over the phone, and I also reviewed the contract for personal comfort, and found nothing I was lied to about. It all is in YOUR hands. You have 2 weeks to cancel WITH A FULL REFUND (in the contract…) so all of you who had problems from the start are just stupid…

  26. dewiw says:

    I live in southern Alberta, the salesman came first when we JUST put our kid down for a nap and my wife asked if he could come back at another time. He said no problem and came back and talked to me 2 days later. We have been talking about getting an alarm for a while now and I have turned down other companies cause the time wasen’t right or the salesman rubbed me the wrong way. Vivints salesman was very professinal and not pushy, the thing that annoys me is you have to agree to the deal that day you can’t have time to think about it. But the 10 days return policy is something I can fall back on since it’s day 3.

    I must say the salesman was what sold it for me, nice kid. I have been to a few sales courses myself so I can see what tactics he was using and he made me feel comfortable talking to him. We got it installed 20min later and it looks great.

    My only beef is with the hardware, there will be differeances from my smartphone to the thermostat or it will take a while to change the temp. I was dimming the light on the keypad and the unit shut down and went black?? Or my iphone will say they security is at stay but the keypad says it’s not active…wtf?? I’m gonna call them before my 10days is up and tell them my issues and they can either give me a monthly discount or remove their system.

    But their salesman and the people I talked to from their corporate office was a non issue..

  27. NON VIVID USER says:

    LMAO …… Ya’ll are UNREAL …. for you to believe a DOOR TO DOOR ALARM COMPANY that can do paperwork & install WITHIN THE HOUR ???? ….. then the joke is ON YOU !! ….. NO REAL COMPANY can do the leg work & get you up within the hour ….. and for NOT DOING RESEARCH ON THE COMPANY & GIVING YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER / PRIVATE INFORMATION to a young kid doing door to door for $$$$ ??? then you all GET WHAT YOU DESERVE …… VIVINT/ APX/ ARM SECURITY IS ALL ONE SCAM COMPANY ….. if you signed from ” good deal ” to ” being pressured ” without giving a decent thought of what you are doing / then you GET WHAT YOU DESERVE …… I GIVE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO NO ONE GOING DOOR TO DOOR …….. GEEZ / HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE !!! …….

  28. Lisa Tooke says:

    The system itself is decent, if expensive. The keyfob system they use is not for you if you have kids or if you are a senior used to fiddling with keys – then they are a false alarm waiting to happen. If you have kids or nervous fingers, don’t use the key fob at all.

    If you do not belong to a group that messes around with keys, then be careful about the cancellation policy. The long-term contract (3-5 yrs depending on where you are) auto-renews for the same length of time if you do not cancel continuation of the policy within a very short time frame before renewal. If you miss your cancellation date, you are toast. You can pay out the balance of the contract, you can transfer the contract to someone else, or you can see if you can find documents to come up with a “special cancellation”. A special cancellation will really only apply if the alarmed house is sold, AND the phone number belongs to someone else, AND there is zero chance of Vivint getting into the place where they are – either because they are dead or in a long term facility with their own hard core security that makes the Vivint alarm system look incredibly weak and forgiving. This is to avoid “accidental or improper” cancellations (example I was given was a soldier going overseas can’t cancel his system!) If there is any family member available, Vivint will happily transfer the contract to them, plus a new contract, resulting in the individual paying double for as long as the older contract is in force.

    Also, like all alarm companies I have encountered, please be aware that the alarm system WILL NOT be removed if the policy is cancelled. It is up to you to either do it yourself or find an electrician who can do it for you.

  29. Sun says:

    Vivint came to my door just like most people have commented pretty late in the evening. 8 P.M. The sales guy was pleasant enough, but i did think in my mind “what cheek to just come in ask if it’s okay to sit down and then go on about the security system. I stopped him a couple of times because I was genuinely concerned about this marketing approach. I mean, I have never heard of vivint. True! i haven’t been looking either. Either ways the point I am trying to make is the sales guy was aggressive but not rude or abusive. I quickly checked online to read up some about the company and asked him why they have so much negative commentary going on online. He was evasive and said he wouldn’t know why. The marketing guy said someone will come in a weeks time to install but as soon as our credit check went through he said a guy was coming to install. 10 P.M at night I have this guy in my house installing the system. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is a good security system. Will run to comment it it goes wrong. 3 year contract. Free installation, 99 dollars to begin with and 44.99 each month. Marketing strategy is aggressive.

  30. cord nolan says:

    I had Vivint, but I dumped them and went elsewhere- still kept my system though. This site has all the codes for the Vivint 2GIG systems, and tells you how to update/takeover the panels:

  31. Dallas says:

    Got it installed 2 days ago, Sales person was polite and answered every single “very detailed” question my wife and I had for him, and yes we fully realised it was a quick transition from sitting on the couch and putting the kids to bed, to having a full alarm system installed a few hrs later. But for me, I was already looking into installing a home security/automation system, so when he showed up I eventually took them at their offer, but only because I have 2 weeks to cancel at no risk. If it wasnt for that, no way I would have done it. Today the main panel shut itself down and I called their tech support, very prompt and friendly, and had a technician dispatched to our house immediately. The negative feedback i’m reading here is understandable, but also in other instances sounds more like they feel “taken” and have lashed out in return. Keep in mind we are adults, and ultimately responsible for our own choices regardless of the circumstances like pressure sales etc. However, if you agree to something and discover you we’re lied to or mislead….that’s a different story. I really like the phone app and I can arm/disarm my house, control lighting, view exit and entry logs etc…fantastic product if it stays reliable in the long term. I’ll repost in two weeks when I know more…

    • I hope that you did not sign a contract. If so you are in trouble. My company installs security systems and we do not even offer a contract. No one wants to be tied to monthly payments. Our monitoring fees are only $15.95 All systems are made in Canada. All systems include everything that other companies offer. So why are they charging so much. We cannot figure this out. They provide no better service. I guess some people just believe that paying more money makes it better. Go figure.

  32. rive says:

    If you really want the true unbiased background on Vivint, there here it is. Complaints are one thing, and should be taken with a grain of salt, but when you have over 10 state government attorney generals coming down on you over and over for violation of consumer rights laws, then that should serve as a clear warning that something is very, very wrong.

    See State of Wisconsin v. Vivint (2013), and all the other State lawsuits against Vivint, and settlements

    Here is all the info/background on APX/Vivint:

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